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It is very important always to protect yourself whilst you are working for spirit.  You should do this by saying a prayer and calling on Divine Spirit and your guides to protect you whilst you are working.  We all have a different conception of what Divine Spirit is but if you call on the love that spirit has for you to protect you, you will always be safe.

It does not really matter when you are working if you know who your guides are, they know you and will be with you when you need them.  Cases of spirit possession are very rare but if you do ever feel that you are having problems please talk to me about them, don’t struggle with the problem alone.

Protection and discipline are the two most important things to learn.  You need a solid foundation on which to build the work you do for spirit and if you always work with discipline and protection you will have the strongest foundations possible.  It is vital to look after yourself, you are the link between the spirit world and the material world and you need to be the strongest you can possibly be to enable the best evidence to be communicated.

Make sure that you use the methods you have been taught to open up and close down the link between you and spirit.  If you leave yourself open to the influence of spirit all the time you will be ill, possibly quite dramatically so, to teach you the importance of closing down the link.  

If you inadvertently open up then close down as soon as you aware of this.



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