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What do we mean when we talk about ethics?  We mean the way that we should behave within the way we are working, whatever that may be.  Alternatively, you could look at it as a Code of Conduct.

Would you expect to be approached in the gym or the butchers by someone giving you information about your dead granddad?  Would you like to have personal information revealed to everyone in the wrong situation?

Some people within the spiritualist movement think it is perfectly okay to do this.  We DO NOT!!!  If people want to know about spiritualism they will attend a church and find out for themselves. 

When you are in an Open Circle, workshop or class, or even a development circle then it is okay for you to open to spirit and pass on the communication, otherwise don’t.  It is very tempting when you start to work with spirit to want to give all your friends messages.  If you do you will never get any time to yourself and, you could make yourself very tired, and even ill.  Always exercise discipline in your work.  Right time, right place.

Spirit are just as anxious to work with you as you are with them. You have to make a contract with them when you will work and when you will not.  Do this and stick to it, no matter how tempting.

Please do not get carried away with egotism.  It is the spirit world that does the work, not you.  You are just the ‘medium’, the messenger.  It is rather like being a telephone wire; you are the means for the message to move in the right direction.  There is nothing wrong with being satisfied with the work that you have done but please remember, no medium is ever going to be 100% right.

Be courteous with the way you speak to people, maintain confidentiality.  Treat others in the way you would like to be treated yourself.  Always have a thought in your mind before passing on any piece of information – would I like to have this said to me in public (if the answer to this is no then do not pass it on).



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